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Club Officers

Board of Directors and Committee Chairs 2023
To contact an officer or chair, click on a blue link. Members, see also the online Directory.


Commodore Michael DiVita
Vice Commodore Laurie Berliner
Rear Commodore Ben Fisher
Secretary Janine Wilford
Treasurer Dave Anderson
Director Melanie Wegner
Director Bob Walsh

Nilou Hamsayeh

Director Udi Gal
Director Liliana Royal
Past Commodore Brian McInerney
Committee Chairs:
Race Robert Cooper
Cruise Drew Clark
mail Michael DiVita
Tidings Jane Clark

Judy White

Bar David Anderson
Building / House Peter Schoen
Bill Hoehler
Digital Committee Dave Anderson

Historian Susan Hoehler
Carolyn Fitzgerald
Marianne Fogarty Membership Application
PICYA Bob and Patty Cerf
Port Captain (Cruise-Ins) Walt Bilofsky
Rentals Manager Deb Connor
Rental information*
Stores Susan Hoehler
YRA Cam Tuttle

* - The clubhouse is rented only to members, or to non-members with a member sponsor.

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